At Lock 60 Athletics we see CrossFit as an athletic strength and conditioning program designed for every single individual. Designed to assist athletes to be better at everything they do. Instead of trying to build fitness by just running, riding a bike, swimming, rowing, or lifting: CrossFitters build fitness by incorporating an array of different activities into each workout.


While at times the Workout of the Day (WOD) might be tailored to just one outcome, it is the proper blend of a multitude of movements that make up the bread and butter of CrossFit, and provides individuals with unprecedented strength and fitness with minimal time commitment. You might swing a kettlebell, throw a medicine ball, squat a barbell, do a pull-up, jump on a box, run, row, or skip rope, but the combination of these movements in a WOD is always different. Such variety benefits participants not because it helps keep workouts interesting, but also because it:


  1. Prepares participants for a broad array of physical activities. With such a wide range of movements, weights and time domains, athletes often find themselves with the physical capabilities to do more than they ever thought possible.

  2. Efficiently Uses Time. CrossFit is bar none the most efficient way to elicit responses in the body that help create a fit individual in the shortest time.

  3. Reduces the Risk of Injury. CrossFit is a program designed to create athletes and thus attacks each and every part of the body strengthening the body as a whole. CrossFit can both proactively address mobility or strength deficiencies before they become an issue, and rectify them after they’ve become problematic.

  4. Creates Communities. CrossFit workouts are practiced in a group setting, scaled to allow each participant the opportunity to perform comparable workouts, regardless of age, athletic background or experience. The experience of pushing yourself to your own personal limit becomes one that’s shared. Such journeys forge relationships amongst even the most unusual bedfellows, and create a community unlike that found in any other sports or recreational activity.


Anyone can put together a workout that makes you sweat, but it take a true understanding of the principals of strength and conditioning to be able to deliver results! Come in and try your first CrossFit class today!

Olympic Lifting

Endurance Class

Our goal is to be safe and effective in coaching these lifts.  This class gives members the opportunity to take a deeper look into the mechanics and efficiency of the accessory lifts that come with progress. Regardless of experience level you will have a greater understanding and ability to move these loads from where they are to where they need to go.  We break down the lifts into smaller pieces to guide you through: set up positioning, 1st, 2nd and 3rd pull practice, being comfortable in the bottom, triple extension, generating explosive power, making contact, receiving the bar, speed, as well as full range of motion of presses and jerks, body awareness and body positioning, as well as all the accessory lifts to single out and strengthen different pieces of the lift.  We coach how to fail safely, giving you the confidence toward that next PR.  The snatch and clean and jerk are arguably the most athletic movements that the human body can preform when done correctly and being comfortable with these movements is very much a part of crossfit and with the right coaching we provide you with the best possible ability and mindset for the next time you approach the barbell!

Our Endurance class provides a more aerobically focused training session that incorporates aspects of strength and metabolic conditioning. The workouts typically incorporate running, rowing or cycling in combination with other metabolic movements in a high intensity style format to illicit measurable results.


Long duration training necessitates low intensity, and it results in athletes who are less powerful, less lean and more prone to injury. Power and speed are critical components to success in the endurance world. In combination with our CrossFit classes, our endurance program increases these two mainstays of performance while decreasing recovery time, reducing injury, and promoting preservation of lean tissue to create a more sustainable endurance athlete.  In summary, we build your power and strength while making you faster and more efficient for your endurance sports.


If you are tired of your same old running routine, don’t have time for 8-hour workouts, or are interested in adding a strength and conditioning program to your running or multisport regimen, Lock 60 Athletics Endurance is for you.

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